This page is being provided as part of Alvin Community College’s effort to meet the requirements of House Bill 2504. This legislation requires each institution of higher education, other than a medical and dental unit, as defined by Section 61.003, shall make available to the public on the institution's Internet website the following information for each undergraduate classroom course offered for credit by the institution:
  1. a syllabus that:
    1. satisfies any standards adopted by the institution
    2. provides a brief description of each major course requirement, including each major assignment and examination
    3. lists any required or recommended reading
    4. provides a general description of the subject matter of each lecture or discussion;
  2. a curricula vita of each regular instructor
  3. if available, a departmental budget report of the department under which the course is offered, from the most recent semester or other academic term during which the institution offered the course.
  4. online list of work-study employment opportunities
Use the links below to search for course syllabi, curricula vita or instructor evaluations. Additional links have also been provided to ACC’s financial information and Career Services.

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